About us

Joseph Copenhagen was founded in 2010 by Josephine Havmøller - then as a Jewelry Brand. A desire for creating and being creative sparked a journey.

In 2019 Josephine's fiancé Aske joined the team. Together they found a common interest in exploring, traveling, and designing. A trip to Sri Lanka became the foundation for their first clothing line: the SARI collection.

Today the clothes collection and support team have expanded. However, the importance of handmade imperfection, creativity, and design for everyone to wear will remain the core of the overall design philosophy of the brand's unique and timely statement and fashion pieces.

The combination of design and craftsmanship makes it possible to offer high quality at a very reasonable price.

Our Mindset

Our clothing is all limited edition and will not restock when sold out. This is to try make sure you can buy unique pieces not many people have and simultaneously try to prevent overproduction and overconsumption.

We aim to use recycled materials whenever possible and have so far been successful in doing so with the majority of our clothing. This is done by reusing materials from complaints or excess material from production and even from sourcing already used materials that we can bring new, sustainable life to.