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Feodora tennis bracelet thin

Feodora tennis bracelet thin

Feodora is an elegant, slim 925 sterling silver bracelet plated with 18-carat gold and set with faceted square zircons all around.

Because of the diamond like zircons, it has a quite exclusive look. The sparkles really catches the eye. 

This bracelet measures 18 centimeters in diameter.

All of our jewelry is produced as sustainably as possible. We use 100% recycled sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% pure silver, to match the highest standards of all our jewelry. Therefore, our jewelry is stamped with 925. This stamp is also used on our gold-plated jewelry and is professional proof that the materials are certified by Danish Precious Metal Control.

Our gold-plated jewelry is plated with 100% recycled 18-carat gold, so we ensure that the jewelry has the best quality possible.

On all our jewelry, you will find the personal engraving JosephCPH, which also is registered by Danish Precious Metal Control.