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Amethyst Meaning

You may have noticed beautiful amethyst stones jewelry in the past and wondered about its meaning.

Amethysts are both common and popular gemstones that come in a range of colors--including purple shades like lavender or deep blue tones like dark grape juice--and can be used for fashion statements as well as healing purposes.

Its name comes from the Greek word amethustos meaning not drunk or sober (in reference to Dionysus).

Amethysts symbolize sobriety as well as spirituality and meditation so you can consider it a spiritual stone.

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Colored Amethyst Gems Jewelry

Most commonly known for its violet variety, the amethyst gem can actually be found in a number of different colors.

Amethyst Colored Ring

Many people who desire spiritual protection wear pink amethysts, meaning they believe the precious stone can help ward off bad energies or negative thinking.

Similarly, those who wish to break a cycle of negative energy in their own minds might wear green amethyst, meaning that they wish to open themselves to love, compassion, and a natural state of being.

The most popular color, lavender amethyst’s meaning is often associated with healing of both mind and body, which is why it has been prized since ancient times.


Spiritual Healing Powers and Metaphysical Properties

In many cultures, people believe wearing an amethyst helps keep one from intoxication, and that it is a good stone for sobriety because of its calming properties.

In the days of the Greek empire, amethyst healing properties were thought to include purification - to the point where many believed it could prevent drunkenness if someone kept the stone in their glass or cup.

Other amethyst healing properties are also tied to the idea of purity, with people believing rubbing a moistened stone over skin can get rid of pimples or blemishes, or help reduce scarring.

But it’s not only the physical body that amethysts are fabled to benefit.

Amethyst spiritual properties are thought to include soothing dreams, radiating a sense of peacefulness, and even enhancing meditative states.

From ancient Egypt through to modern-day times, the ability to stabilize psychic connections and enhance communication in the spirit realm have also been listed among amethyst benefits. The Egyptians in particular would include amethysts in amulets used both for prayer and protection.  You might say that amethyst activates spiritual awareness.

The energy of this gemstone helps release fear while filling you with hope. When paired with Rose Quartz harmoniously, amethyst can bring about a feeling of self-love and acceptance.

It is also known for its ability to promote peace, balance emotions, reduce stress and insomnia, improve concentration, heighten intuition and reveal insight into the root causes of adversity in your life. All that makes the amethyst crystal a remarkable healing stone.


Amethyst Crystal Meaning

Amethyst color meaning also has connections to royalty. Throughout time, the color purple that is most common in amethyst was thought to represent spirituality and purity in a different way.

Instead of amethyst benefits like protection and healing, the purple color signified that an emperor, king, or queen was a pure descendant of gods or goddesses.

Of course, this only increased public desire to own and wear amethysts, especially amethyst rings. 

Today, when asked “What is the Meaning of Amethyst Gemstones,” the answers are a little more straightforward.


What Is an Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst is a type of quartz, and the rarest, most desirable color is a dark and deep purple called Deep Siberian. Lavender, pink, and green amethysts precious stones have all become very popular in fashion and jewelry circles, largely because of their sparkling reflective qualities.

Also, amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February and Aquarius, making it an excellent jewelry gemstone choice during these months. Amethysts gemstones are generally not as expensive as other stones, which makes them suitable for formal and informal jewelry alike.

It can be found both natural and man-made because it’s relatively easy to create, making it affordable for everyone! It is also available in many different colors, including purple shades that are so beautiful they’re called “amethyst.” 

The amethyst stone is one of the most popular gemstones in jewelry. This semiprecious stone has a long tradition, from ancient times to modern day as you read above.

It’s also considered to be one of the most powerful crystals on earth because of its ability to attract luck in many aspects--such as relationships, career success, money matters, creativity and more! Amethyst wands are used by healers around the world who know how effective they are at bringing healing into their lives or their clients’ lives.

The color actually comes from contact with iron and other elements or gasses present in the same earth or stone where the amethyst is forming.

The most popular color, lavender amethyst, is often associated with healing of both mind and body.

It is not uncommon to see amethyst crystals within geodes, which amplifies their value considerably.


Fashion Uses of Amethyst

In the context of fashion, amethyst is just one gemstone in a fascinating range. From white gold to black diamonds we have it all - and at prices that don't break the bank.

Amethyst is a popular choice for jewelry because the gemstone’s rich deep purple color makes it both formal and informal.

The stone also has other qualities that make it ideal for fashion, such as its durability, natural beauty, and variety in veining patterns.

This means you can find an amethyst piece to suit your personal style needs - whether they're casual or elegant (or anything in between). It’s not just that amethyst jewelry looks great with any outfit but it can also be beneficial for your health too!


Should You Be Wearing Amethyst?

Amethysts are often worn by both men and women alike whether as jewelry such as rings, bracelets or necklaces but they're also found commonly in crystal grids and healing layouts.

As for an answer to “Why Wear Amethyst” some may simply like the color. Others may like to wear amethyst because it is the birthstone for those born in February. Still others wear amethyst strictly for the purpose of keeping amethyst benefits physically close to them at all times. 

Regardless of the reason why people wear amethysts, or any claims of amethyst benefits, there is no disputing that it is a lovely precious stone to own.

Amethysts are generally not as expensive as other precious gemstones, which makes them suitable for formal and informal jewelry alike.

A piece of amethyst jewelry can make a great gift for someone traveling to a new place or starting on a new adventure in life, like college or a new job. It can also make a thoughtful present for someone who is battling illness or who has recently lost someone. Because it helps relieving stress the amethyst gemstone is considered a calming stone that keeps away the negative energy.

If you’re looking for a special way to express deep feelings of true love, jewelry that has an amethyst crystal on it can be a gorgeous expression.


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