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Topaz Meaning

Topaz gemstones are one of the most popular and versatile gems in the world, but what is topaz meaning? This article will explore topaz spiritual properties as well as its history with royalty. One thing is for sure: A piece of jewelry from this classic stone can be both beautiful and powerful!

What is the Meaning of Topaz Gemstones?

With its many colors and sparkling clarity, topaz is one of the more popular and versatile gems of the fashion and jewelry world.

However, the meaning of topaz gemstones goes far beyond a lovely appearance.

Throughout history, topaz spiritual properties and topaz healing properties were highly sought after by everyone from nobles to explorers and even early tribal medicine men and women. 

Topaz Gemstone Throughout History

In the Middle Ages, around the 13th and 14th centuries, topaz was believed to be one of the stones that provided a particular kind of good fortune that could earn someone the favor or good opinion of kings and queens.

This made topaz a prized piece among travelers, who hoped that they would meet with warm welcomes while journeying between distant kingdoms.

For others, topaz spiritual properties included the ability to shield the bearer from dark magic or even make them invisible.

Eventually, as society progressed, this belief shifted to be slightly more grounded in reality - warding off nightmares and protecting the wearer from accidents and injury became some of the more acceptable forms of believed topaz benefits.

For those that believe in topaz healing properties, the most commonly believed topaz benefits relate back to the most common color of topaz - a golden honey color.

Considered to be a reflection of warmth and fire, topaz healing properties mimic that of heat - relaxing tight muscles, easing arthritis, aiding digestion, and stimulating blood flow.  

Topaz Colors Meaning

Outside of the topaz’ spiritual properties and healing properties, many people find significance in topaz for its color, and there are many topaz color meanings.

Just over a hundred years ago, all yellow-hued gems were believed to be topaz. However, science has confirmed that topaz itself has a specific elemental/chemical composition that is unchanged by what color it is.

White Topaz

White topaz, for example, is actually colorless topaz, and not so long ago was often mistaken for diamonds.

Because of this white topaz meanings are similar to diamonds - purity, power, prestige, and designating someone or something as rare and special.

Pink Topaz

Pink topaz, which was popular in Victorian-era jewelry, actually started as golden topaz that was heat treated at extreme temperatures to reveal the softer shade.

The 'pink topaz’ meaning has long been seen as one of strengthening relationships - based on the idea that pink topaz reduces stress and generates feelings of kindness.

London Blue Topaz Meaning

One of the most beloved shades and most expensive is the London Blue Topaz, with a deep, clear hue that resembles the sea.

It is lighter than most sapphires, and with more clarity, but darker than most aquamarine gemstones, this has given London Blue Topaz meaning beyond that of other shades.

Blue topaz is considered to be a source of creativity and inspiration and is said to help people tap into their inner feelings or find their muse. It helps strengthening confidence, self-control and problem-solving. 

Blue topaz is also a gemstone themed around love.

Should You Wear Topaz Jewel?

Clearly, with so many different meanings, the answer to “why wear topaz?” is as varied as the stone itself.

Someone may choose to give a pink topaz ring to a friend or family member as a symbol of lasting support and an unbreakable bond. Clear topaz also makes it a very good choice as an engagement ring.

Or, someone may choose a set of London Blue Topaz earrings as a gift for a budding musician to wish them good luck in their performances and songwriting endeavors by boosting confidence.

Other colors like white topaz or yellow topaz rings, necklaces, or bracelets may make excellent presents for those born in November, as topaz is the official birthstone for those born at that time of year.

No matter what the reason or occasion, however, topaz is a precious stone that has strong value and connection for those who wear it. 

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