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Citrine Meaning

Less well known than some gemstones, citrine is a type of crystalline quartz with exceptional clarity and a range of color that varies from bright or pale yellow to deep orange or reddish amber.

Citrine Crystal Color Meanings

Most often, the “gold standard” for citrine is for a single stone to have consistent color throughout.

This often means that many gemologists and jewelry makers decide to cut and facet larger mined forms of the stone into multiple smaller citrine gemstones to best highlight a specific color.

Light yellow or pastel colored citrines are often marketed as butterscotch or lemon drop citrines, while those with a deep orange color are usually classified as Madeira Citrine because of the similarity to wines in the Madeira region of Spain. 

The citrine color meanings also vary with the individual shade of the gem. For example, yellow citrine meanings have much to do with feeling happy or well. This gives rise to a number of citrine crystal healing properties believed to be delivered by stones of lighter shades.

Healing Properties

Detoxifying the blood and tissues of the body, enhanced energy and blood circulation, and even digestive relief and removal of cellulite are thought to be citrine benefits for paler stones. It's also used to relieve pain, remove cellulite and treat bladder diseases as well as other ailments.

Madeira citrine meaning goes even further with citrine healing properties believed to balance hormones, aid in reproductive health and the easing of PMS and menopause, and treat bladder diseases.

While none of these citrine healing properties have ever been proven, a lot of personal health can be contributed to mind over matter.

So, if someone truly believes that citrine benefits their physical well-being, then that feeling can motivate more mindful action in day-to-day life. 

Citrine Metaphysical Properties

It is in this way that citrine spiritual properties have most likely come to be.

The idea that the citrine is a cheerful gem with a sunny disposition has led many to say that citrine helps to overcome depression, fear, and phobias.

Self-esteem and inner calm are also attributed to citrine spiritual properties, as are steadier emotions, a willingness to be spontaneous and curious, and a spirit of generosity.

Positive energies are said to be attracted by citrine, and so it is also used in the practice of manifestation.

Why Wear Citrine Crystal Jewelry?

The citrine physical benefits are not considered as well-researched or documented as some other gemstones, but we do know that this quartz variety has a chemical composition that makes it resistant to heat and breakage.

As such, citrine crystal jewelry can withstand daily wear with little risk of damage from normal use. Jewelers love working with citrine stone because its natural color doesn't need much enhancement.

When wondering “why wear citrine?” looking to the gem’s long history of popularity can provide insight.

In ancient Rome, both men and women would wear citrine rings and amulets that were either faceted or carved in the “intaglio” method. Then, during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods of the 1920s and 1930s, the style became to wear large citrine earrings, rings, or pendants - and it was common to see citrine jewelry worn by silver screen stars like Greta Garbot.

As one of a select few gems to not need regular cleaning to maintain its luster and shine, citrine rings and citrine earrings make fantastic gifts for teens and young adults, and for adults who live active lifestyles or busy careers.

Because of citrine crystal healing properties associated with body chemistry and overall health, citrine can also be a welcome pick-me-up as a gift to someone suffering with a chronic illness, or for someone who works in healthcare or medicine.

Those feeling depressed following the loss of a family member or loved one may also find happiness in the right piece of citrine jewelry, and something as simple as a pair of citrine earrings may bring a much-needed smile any time someone looks in the mirror.

Understanding Citrine meaning can help you find a citrine crystal jewelry like rings, earrings, or bracelets that are perfect for yourself or someone else on your gift list.

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